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About Earth Angels

“Who ‘on earth’ – is Earth Angel 181??”

Recently I came across a very beautiful and gutsy young poet (her name was R…), a woman who had suffered badly in a relationship with a man who’s ‘speciality’ was committing Domestic Violence. (I had been ‘spending some time’ with her very beautiful Mum!)
While R… had finally ‘got away’ from this relationship and very destructive man – she was highly traumatised and had stopped writing poems!
My heart just went out to her! I know about Domestic Violence – I was raped when I was 16!
Through her Mum’s email, I corresponded with her over 10 days, encouraging her to ‘face her fears’, stand up for herself – and against Domestic Violence, and to start writing again…
Suddenly, ‘out of the blue’, I got an sms from her – via her Mum’s iphone …

“Hullo Tim ,
This is R…
I’d really appreciate
U helping me to write again.
It’s been a long time
Since I put pen to paper
For fear of it being taken
Away from me and trashed.
It’s like a little piece of ur soul
Has been taken with it
And destroyed.
Very painful.

I am so happy that you have
Come into my Mum’s life,
And mine for that matter.

I’ve read part of your poetry book
And really love your soul,
That u’ve shared
With everyone.

It’s a pleasure to meet an Earth Angel
That’s touched everyone’s lives
So beautifully…

This sms bought tears to my eyes. And still does!!It will ‘live in my heart forever’!

So, I thought, if the hat fits……………..well wear it!!

It does. And so I am!


‘Shining some Light’ – on Earth Angels
This particular group of Angels, are very few in number and…
• Have no ‘religious affiliation’ and
No ‘divine powers’ or ‘connections’ (well almost none, anyway!!)
• And are mostly just like everyone else except that…
They have lots and lots of Love to give! For our Earth, and everyone on it and…
• They help people with their heart and soul issues and
• This one does it through his poems and writings and interactions with people and…
• ‘Earth Numbers’ are NOT random. From (Australian) birth date so …
• This one’s is 18.01.1951. Shortened to
• 181. USA ‘Angels’ use their own D/M format)
• This one only knows 2 other ‘Earth Angels’ …
• One in Adelaide who is ‘a retired masseur’ who has God in her hands and her heart! –she is known to me as Angel Dust Elaine.
• The other – a beautiful and very gifted singer who has God in her voice! Maggie. She lives – and sings – in New York. This Poet first met her in London while singing in the folk clubs in 1973!!

But their souls were born on the same morning, a very, very long time ago, in a beautiful hidden Glen, somewhere North of England. This is the place where Earthly Souls are born. There is fern and flower, mist and mystery, warmth, safety, rainbows and sunshine. These 2 souls were together for a whole morning. This is about the time it takes for souls to learn how to use their soul wings, before beginning their long earthly journey on mother earth.
Tim Barritt 18.1.2014.
Earth Angel 181 x