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Preventative Community Health
Welcome to  my cyber home.
In this house there is no ‘religion’ and nothing ‘for sale’ – but the  underlying ethic is Love, for our Planet Earth and Everyone on it.
This Love crosses all the Boundaries of
Age, Gender, Race and Time.
If you are coming to this site for the first time please know that apart from the “Help” buttons on the Top Menu Bar – it contains many poems just press “Poem Index”.
(Please note – if you press ‘Community Suicide Prevention’ – you will go straight into my new site which has 65 (8.8.15.) brand new and totally unique Aussie Suicide Prevention Adverts – which have all appeared in my local paper ‘The Leader’ since June 2013. This site is a ‘one stop shop’ – with info, statistics and terms of use of these Ads etc.)
re earthangel181 site …
I have tried hard to balance out helping people with ‘the darker side‘ of Depression, Bullying, Suicide etc .. With Happiness, Laughter, Positive Thinking, Positive Affirmation for our Women and Girls, something for our ‘Young Little Stars’, connection to our Planet e.g. walking under the beautiful stars –  and Humour.
Some of these poems are on sound as well!
Please enjoy your cyber experience in my ‘home’, stay as long as you want. Best wishes with lots of love from
Tim Barritt earthangel181 xxx
Also note everything on this site is totally free, there is nothing on this site “for sale” …
unless you are going to use it in ANY way which is ‘making money’
in which case see ‘Copyright’ – you then need my written permission.
With particular regard to Depression / Suicide related issues – Please note :
This site is NOT a substitute for Professional help from Doctors, Therapists, ‘Lifeline’, Beyondblue, Suicide emercency help  telephone numbers – or other similar professional services.

Welcome to My Cyber Home

From wherever

You have journeyed –

To find this cyber poem,

Welcome to my house,

This is my cyber home!

If your heart is broken,

Sadness here to stay?

If your star is strong –

And shining very bright…

If you’re Lesbian or Gay,

Or a beautiful –

‘Angel of our night’,

In these rooms may you find –

Some small comfort and insight…

With a little laughter,

Happiness and light,

To touch –

And hold you, very tight!

If your stay is long Or fleeting,

Within these cyber walls –

I’ll do my very best to prevent

Emotional slips and falls…

And as my valued guest –

While in my cyber home,

Know that – you’ll never,

Have to be alone!

There’s nothing here ‘for sale’ –

It’s all downloadable for free’,*

No underlying ‘religion’,

Just simple love and caring…

From Earth Angel 181-

Just for you –

From me!

Tim Barritt. 12.3.12.

Earth Angel 181

* for private use only