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Feeling Suicidal?

‘Get Connected’ – to Someone or Something!!!

If you are reading this my heart goes out to you!

From my own life journey I have some understanding of what a dark, lonely and desperate place you may be in. As a valued guest, my cyber home offers you…

Love, Company, Comfort and Hope!

  • Love. Know that while here you are loved, valued, ‘held’, respected, cherished, affirmed and cared for. Just for the wonderful person that you are!! You may stay for just as long as you want/need!

  • Company and Comfort. Know that you are NOT alone! Many, many very good people have trodden this pain filled, lonely and desperate path before you. Many have ‘come through’ this terrible time and have found light, peace and happiness. You are NEVER alone in this house!

  • Hope. There is always, always something positive that you can do to take away some of your emotional pain!! In my house, hope is always here – and it always ‘springs eternal’!!



‘Emotional AND Physical Isolation’ is a major Health Hazard!

It can kill you.

Don’t let yourself become another suicide statistic!!!

So ‘Get connected!!!’

  • You may have lost all hope. All sense of value in yourself!
  • You may think no one loves you or values you or cares for you.
  • You may have just been ‘dumped’, or lost a long or short term Love and your Family or Family structure.
  • Perhaps you think that you have ‘failed’ in some ‘terrible‘ way, maybe you are broke or in debt, have legal problems or think you have done something ‘very wrong’ – and not realising that ‘staying alive’ and healthy – is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones…
  • You may think that you are so worthless that you want to kill yourself…
  • You may want to ‘get back at someone’this is a terrible and horrible thing to ever do to someone else! You will NOT be around to feel bad about this, but they will! Please, please – do NOT do it!!181 xxx

PLEASE BE WARNED –  and well informed!!! Note warning below!

  • You must know that this house of mine is NOT intended to be a substitute for Professional Counselling and Medication from Doctor or Psychiatrist/Therapist etc.
  • Or for your own LIFELINE or Suicide Prevention Phone Numbers which are a most valued and important resource.
  • If you are feeling suicidal, you must seek professional help. Call you doctor.
  • If it is all ‘about to get too much’ – ring your lifeline or Suicide prevention emergency Number.

It may however be that for some reason these things are

  • NOT available to you or that

  • Like many before you, you have trodden the Counselling/Medication path and are still reading this so…

If you are STILL reading! 181 xxx

Get Connected” to someone, or something (pet, poem etc),

  • NOT to the end of a rope, poison or a bullet from the barrel of a gun!!!

So ‘Get Connected!!!’

Get connected with yourself, and a good start might be visiting “Black Holes” on this site…Download the “Bullet Proof Depression Survival Guide” and read…

Get connected with someone who loves you and cares about you in whatever place in which you live, you may just

  • Have to look hard to find them but…

  • They can help you work out some sensible ways to reduce your emotional pain, see a doctor, get some medication, go for a walk and yell at the trees, walk at night and talk to the stars – cry, share – or just have a friend to ring – and ‘be there’!! Anything, anything ( healthy and positive) that works for you to ease your pain.

Know that help, support and loving from someone in your own life and local Community is always so much better than help from cyberspace!!

If you do not know or are unable to find any single human being where you live – and this is so, so easy to happen…

One of the loneliest times in my own life was living in London in 1973, surrounded by 11 million people. I ended up in ‘intensive care’ with pleurisy of my heart (pericarditis) – but really I was just dying a slow death of loneliness!!

So while being loved and held by staying in my cyber home, try to think of someone or something in your life who you can find to love and value you and…

  • Reach out to them and ask for their help/love/support and if you just feel you have no one then…

  • Think seriously about finding a pet, dog, cat, bird etc, if you do not have one, perhaps you can buy one/ get one free from a dog shelter…

“If your dog thinks…

You are the best thing on two legs…

NEVER go looking – for a second opinion!!!”

I may not still be alive today if it was not for my ‘little bloke’ Tickles. That’s me holding him in the photo back above where you are reading!

  • He weighs 3.8 Kg’s.
  • I cannot tell you where he sleeps – but it’s NOT outside !!
  • And when my Life Partner of 35 years left me,
  • HIS sole job in life was to love me, value me, care for me, keep watch and guard over me and keep me safe.
  • What more could I ever ask?

When children ask me ‘does he bite?’… I simply tell them he also answers to the name of ‘Killer’– then mention

  • His razor sharp teeth and ask then ask them…
  • Just how many stiches they want in their fingers!!!!!
  • He is ‘someone special’ in my life – to love, care for and look after!!!
  • See my Poem ‘Dog House Trix’! (He is in it!!)


So ‘Get Connected!!!’

And ‘grab hold of’ someone you know, and if you are unable to do this ‘grab hold of’…

  • Your pet – get one if needed. You can get a dog for free!!

  • An idea or saying…

  • A star

  • A poem

  • A thought…A dream

  • Nelson Mandela had a poem they let him keep in prison!!

  • If it worked for him in his prison – it might just work for you in yours!!

Hang on to this, very, very tight. For life. Until you are feeling better – do NOT stop ‘hanging on’ just because you are feeling better!!


If you need convincing that killing yourself is a very silly thing to do, read or listen to “My Gift To You”,

Be warned, graphic image – Dead Man Hanging

  • This is a true story, and the beautiful woman in the poems – who came upon a man who had just stepped off of his vehicle in a forest and‘got connected’ to the end of a rope…
  • She hardly knew this man and yet being first on the scene – was still severely traumatised 20 years later – because she tried so hard and desperately to save him – not knowing – that he was already dead before she came!!
  • If you kill yourself, you may inflict this – or similar- upon some other very innocent person!!
  • This series of poems starts with the horror of Suicide, but ends in hope! There is always hope. It springs eternal!


Things which may help you on this site are

  • Avoiding black Holes! ‘Bullet Proof’ Depression Survival Guide!

  • Heartbroken Star Gazers

  • Visibility Zero

  • Have Mars, Mercury and Jupiter had their health checks

  • Self Destructive Stars

  • Emotional Protection Against Bullying.

Don’t forget to read poems in…

  • When I wish upon a happy twinkling Star!!!

  • Because light and happiness may be just around your corner and

  • If you kill yourself

  • You will NEVER find out!!!

  • Because you will be VERY DEAD!

Remember that Death lasts “For ever”!


N.B. There is NO PDF file for this info you have just read, but it is easy to ‘cut and paste’ it onto Word, and then print it out, it is 8 pages on mine. You might like to carry it around with you, or give it to someone you know who is feeling this way! Good luck!! 181 x

Tim Barritt. 18.1.14. ♥♥♥

earthangel181 ♥♥♥