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With a Story in Every Glass

For Peter Lehmann, on seeing his photo on our ‘phone book cover

“Now there is a story,
A real class act,”
I said,
“And just how tough?”

I know years ago
You had cancer,
Not expected to survive,
The story goes
It was only the news,
Of winning your second
Jimmy Watson –
That kept you alive!

Born from a time
When word was bond,
Your quality, and integrity,
Will live your life beyond.

A story of roots in our soil,
Our people, our land,
How must it feel,
To know your name
Is now part –
Of Barossa Brand?

I toast you with this poem,
A humble and reflective man
Of humor and of class,
A lifetime filled with stories,
That I can taste –
In every glass.

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Tim Barritt. 27.2.08.
Earth Angel 181