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Suicide Rox

Adam Lindsay Gordon, renowned Australian poet and a champion,
daring horseman – killed himself in 1870. Aged 37 years.

I dreamed I saw
A Giant,
Standing at Lindsay’s Leap –
It was the ghost
Of Adam Lindsay Gordon!

As he picked up
A 50 tonne rock,
And hurled it high
Into the dead centre –
Of those beautiful,
Blue Lake waters,

He was yelling…

Suicide rox!
Suicide rox!
Suicide rox!…

I woke
To the deafening roar,
Of the first wave –
Against our peaceful shore.

I lay awake
Wondering –
What keeps
Our Country rocking,

So many die
Saying goodbye,
Throwing stones
At those they leave behind,
Doing a terrible violence –
To loving
Hearts and minds.

I fell back
Into uneasy sleep,
And dreamed again…

Each and every morning –
At sunrise,
That Giant would stand,
Over Uluru,

Yelling so loudly,
You could hear him
Coast to coast…

Suicide rocks!

Suicide rocks!

Suicide rocks

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Tim Barritt. 2006.
Uluru is a Giant Rock in the
middle of Australia.
Earth Angel 181