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Download to your Heart

Listen to Download to Your Heart

Push the right buttons,
Make it happen –
Download a cyber poem,
Print it out –
Stick it on the side
Of your fridge,
A tiny piece of my heart…
From my cyber home…
Or download,
Send to a friend –
Someone special or sweet…
Tell them where
To find my house,
That three lettered number
Of ‘my street’!
Then compare cyber notes –
The very next time
You meet!
There are many ways
To carry a poem,
On your travelled road,
But before you press
Those buttons
To download –
To make a cyber start,
The best place
To carry a poem –
Is safely buried,
Deep inside –
Your very own,
And precious heart!

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Tim Barritt. 20.08.10.
Earth Angel 181