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My Secret Shining Love

There’s an extra spring
In my step,
And a sparkle
In my ageing eyes,
I’ve fallen in love…again,
But no, it’s not another
Attractive woman –
The object
Of my amorous attention…
Lives in our daytime skies!

With my compass, and old
But sure and nimble feet,
I tread my roof,
To find just the right
Angle and pitch,
For a love nest, hot and sweet –
Just me and my Solar Panels,
You and your powerful rays…

While all through
The night time darkness,
I lie in our bed, dreaming
Of making passionate love –
On long, hot and blissful,
Beautiful, powerful days!

But please –
Don’t let my Love
Know my shining secret,
That I have ever courted
Or sought her,
Or storm clouds
Will quickly gather,
And I’ll be

In some very,
Very hot water!

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Tim Barritt. 2006.
Earth Angel 181