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The Dawn Stealer

The birds always tell me
When the Dawn is coming,
To steal away my beautiful stars…

Sometimes it’s just pitch dark –
With my dogs, trees and hills,
I walk only by touch and feel…
No point in even thinking about –
Bringing four dogs to heel!
My eyes watching and wishing
For meteoric spills,
Or transfixed upon the Cross,
The seven beautiful Sisters,
Jupiter, Saturn or Mars!

The birds always tell me
When The Stealer is coming,
And I get so Cross with the Sun,
Because each and every morning,
Without fail, He will come –
To steal away my heaven
And all my night time fun!

I curse The Stealer
For every daytime intermission!

Until evening twilight comes,
The birdsong finally ends,
The night returns,
And I can walk
With my dogs and stars –
My two most precious friends,
My night is filled,
With brilliant light again,
And The Stealer is always

Totally forgiven!

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Tim Barritt. 2011.
Earth Angel 181