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The Piano Player, the Rose in the Desert – and the Cradle in the Sky.

For lovers apart

I sat outside –
On the Gourmet Weekend,
Listening to a nine piece
Soulful band,
Watching a man
With young and nimble fingers
Playing the electric piano…
Caressing each plucky
Soulful tune,
With passion, skill and grace

But I knew that
The love of his life
And his heart,
Is living in the desert,
Nursing desert people
In a distant far off place.

There’s a speck on the map –
Somewhere South of Katherine,
At the end of a four hour
Mail plane ride to nowhere…
Here lives a Rose,
Nursing Yuendumu people –
With skill, passion and grace…

But the love of her life
In her heart,
Plays the electric piano,
In a nine piece band…
In a distant far off place.

On a clear starry night
In our heavens,
You can see ‘The Lovers Cradle’,
It’s easy to find
If you know just where to look!
By slender, silver threads
It hangs from the ‘Cross,
Each and every lonely night –
A starry lover’s nook…

So instead of yearning hearts
That in time,
Can shrivel up and die,
On each night apart –
In a star studded silver bed,
Together they can lie!

Time and tide
Can bring us close together –
But can also
Break us – far apart,
But with this Cradle
In our heavens…

In the desert –
You’ll see this Rose
In stunning bloom,

While far down South –
You’ll see how the man
In the nine piece band,
With the young
And nimble fingers,

Fondles and caresses –
Each beautiful
Soulful tune.

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Tim Barritt.
Earth Angel 181