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With Heaven at His Back Door

Listen to With heaven at His Back Door

With Heaven – at his back door!

In the morning,
He quits sleep stalking,
A man with dogs
Is walking,
Amongst beautiful
Hills and trees,
And gazing into his heavens,
This is the sight
He sees…

The wasting moon is rising,
With Lord Jupiter shining,
Just so bright and proud –
Stops him, in the tracks
Of his heart –
You could hear him
Gasp – out aloud!

One man – four dogs,
Just in seventh heaven!
All morphing in the wasting light,
Coats wet with dew
To touch and pat,
Dawn slowly stealing…
From this magical night.

Rooster calling,
To sleep he’s softly falling,
Dreams – “tree tops,
Night owls calling,
Moon rise – heart stops!
That beautiful, wasting light”,

And needing nothing more –
Heart and soul fully complete,
Morphing into his daytime –
With Heaven – at his back door!

Tim Barritt. 19.6.10.

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