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The Gracious Art of Sorry

It is not that
Any of us
Never make mistakes.

But not all of us
Have learned the Gracious Art
Of owning our own shortcomings,
Admitting we’ve stuffed up,
And straight away
Saying sorry.
It always makes one feel
So much better
Knowing someone is trying hard
To make amends,
And put things right.

But there is a basic rule,
Of send and receive –
The Gracious Art
Of accepting the sorry.
Putting the past behind,
And getting straight along
With the now, and the future.

If we all went to Sorry School –
On Australia Day morning
Before eating breakfast!
To learn about the Gracious Art,
How to send, and to receive….

What new beginnings
We could create!
We might even stop living…
In such a Sorry State.

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Tim Barritt. 27.1.07.
Earth Angel 181