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Chic Chick

For Jenna

Slick, attractive,
Beautiful young chick,
Hardly more than twenty.
Is she Chic?
No bloody doubt –
Already got
‘The cancer thing’
Worked out!

“All the women
In my family
Have had cervix or breast,
It’s not if but when!
I get an annual
Check and test,
Live happy, and then …

Being happy beats being rich.
‘Generous, kind,
Caring and happy’,
Things, I look for in a boy.
Being successful,
In my own special way.
Life is precious…
I ‘live in it’,
Each and every day!”

As wisdom is meant
To come with age,
This all hit me like a brick!
Being taught an important
Thing or two,

By this slick,
And very wise –
Young chick!

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Tim Barritt. August 2009.
Earth Angel 181