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By taking the horse’s pulse before, during and after a ride,
our Endurance Riders monitor their horse’s wellbeing.

The Horse.
There’s something about the Arab
That gets inside your heart,
They’ll give all they’ve got
At the end of the ride,
Just like they will at the start.

There’s something about the Arab
The set of the head and tail,
Their free spirit and endurance…
Their love of the open trail.

The Rider.
For singles, doubles or families,
There is a place for everyone,
The camping and camaraderie –
Camp dogs, utes and strappers,
Sweethearts, smoke and laughter,
All together – with the setting sun.

And for riders of all ages,
Where women can – and do – excel,
Their toughness and tenacity…
A lesson for our daughters –
And all our sons as well!

The Country.
There is a heartbeat to our Country,
Dressed in greens, reds and beautiful browns,
From ocean cliffs – to desert plains, and ranges –
Far away from our busy, crowded towns.

But treasure those magic moments –
With an Arab under your seat,
When three different hearts
Just beat as one,
To the rhythm –
Of four sturdy Arab feet.

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Tim Barritt. 9.6.08.
Earth Angel 181