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Sex and Saturn

Sometimes when sleep eludes me,
I’m just at sixes or sevens,
It’s always the work of a Poet,
To keep track of all our planets,
Travelling through our heavens!

I keep ‘losing’ Saturn,
She’s a surly – elusive one,
Of all our ‘naked’ planets,
The most moody and unreliable –
Tracking around our sun!

My star book said
She’s close to –
Has ‘the hots’ for Mars,
But one thing it failed to mention,
This pretty ‘ringed’ seducer,
Suffers very badly –
From pre menstrual tension!

And when it’s very bad,
She dims her rings – and hides,
Just to give her current lover,
The hardest, most difficult –
And bumpiest of rides!

The message in this story?
Well, since that first ‘big bang’,
Adam, Eve and ‘the apple’
The first love song ever sang…

Seems it’s all around us –
From a pretty woman’s
Brown and lovely eyes,
To sexy, sultry Saturn,
Her ‘rings’ and menstrual tension –
In our star filled,
Heavenly skies!

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Tim Barritt.
Earth Angel 181