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Waitress Wearing a Tat With Stars

For Renae

It’s not too often
An old bloke like me,
Gets shown a Tat
By a pretty young girl…

Even if it was
Only on your arm!

But you told me
What it meant…
Mistakes can be rectified,
Look to the past
For solutions.

You say
You’ve seen
More people die,
Than your mother,

I can tell
By your talking,
You already know
Such a lot –
About such a lot…

A very wise head
On such very,
Very young shoulders!

And I have seen
How you treat the people
At your tables,
As if they are all
A little bit Special…

It’s not too often
An old bloke like me,
Writes a poem about
A pretty young girl,

But if half our young,
Were half as wise,
And Special as you…

The future of our Planet
Would look much brighter

Than the stars –

I can see shining
In your eyes.

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Tim Barritt. 17.7.06.
Earth Angel 181