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Clouds Bring Rain

For a friend suffering depression.

I borrowed a ‘Scope’,
To catch a view
Of shy Mercury,
And the Seven Sisters,
Travelling close –
Before dawn.

“Clouds, clouds, clouds!”
Night after night
After night –
Up and down
In the small and lonely hours –
Watching and waiting.
“Clouds, clouds, clouds!”

“Clouds bring rain,
And look good too!”
I finally said to my friend,
“And above those beautiful clouds,
Such wonderful things are happening!
Perhaps sometimes
We just have to wait –
While far above
Our stars are slowly shifting…”

I wait – with baited breath,
With my borrowed ‘Scope,
To take a peek-a-boo,

To see if,
In the twilight dawn,
When no one else was looking,
Sly Mercury had got lucky –
And finally managed
To slip into bed –
With those Seven beautiful Sisters!

“Clouds bring rain”
I said,
“And look good too!”

Listen to With heaven at His Back Door

Tim Barritt. July 09.

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