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“Is all the time
We’ll ever have,”
I said –

Sitting in an Autumn embrace –
Watching laughing, happy people
By a sunny Sunday,
Semaphore sea,
The fresh, sweet taste
Of your tongue
Still tingling –
Like champagne bubbles,
Inside of me!

“Yesterday is gone for ever.
Tomorrow – always has to come.
So ‘Now’
Is all the time
We’ll ever have!”

We walked back
To our room
And bed,
Nothing further –
Needing to be said,

Our backs to
Laughing children,
Sparkling water…
The warming – afternoon sun,

My hand gently resting,
In the hip pocket
Of your jeans,
Holding the shape,
And every movement –
Of your beautiful bum.

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Tim Barritt. 2011.
Earth Angel 181