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Uses For You

There are a great many Uses!
One Important aim of this site is to keep people both ALIVE and Happy so…
If you are feeling Depressed or Suicidal, press button on menu Bar and my very best wishes to you!!
There is a section on Suicide Prevention,(Self Destructive Stars) OR 
  • Just press Community Suicide Prevention you will go straight into my special site containing 28 Unique Aussie 450 word Suicide prevention Ads. This site is a ‘one stop shop’ for individual/private people to freely download ALL these ads, or for Community Groups, Governments, Councils etc – see terms and conditions which apply!
• My ‘Bullet Proof Depression Survival Guide’ (Avoiding Black Holes).
Depression (Visibility Zero).
Similarly, if your heart is Broken, if you have just been ‘dumped’, or someone close has died or is terminally ill, my heart goes out to you and go to …
• Heart Broken Star Gazers
Or you might be very happy, and want to read some poems about ‘Happiness’ or ‘Striving for It’
• (When I wish upon a happy, Twinkling Star…)
Or rejoicing in Life and the magic it has to offer…• Shooting Stars!!
Perhaps you are a Woman or Young Girl looking for inspiration or Positive Affirmation… proudly presents …• Venus In Good Company!!- Women and Girls are ‘the stars’!!Been raped or Sexually Abused (Many, Many of us Have!!!) …in this home you are NOT alone…• When the Gods Have Gone Crazy…Rape from the Skies
• Poem about My own Rape (‘It’s all in the way you hold your hands’)If you are Male and Wanting to improve your Physical and Emotional Health…visit…• Have Mars, Mercury and Jupiter had their Health Checks!!!

Also if you have an interest in Human Relationships, Our Planet Earth and its Earth People, and yes, a small section for our Young People…

• Star ‘Ships’, Relation ‘ships’
• ‘Clusters’ (Healthy families making healthy Communities…)
• Our ‘Star Struck Earth’ (and its beautiful ‘Earth People)
• Poems for young Little Stars!!!


And last but NOT least, for Bullying Protection – 

Orbits and Boundaries which is
• Universal and this site contains a simple exercise teaching young people (and older ones as well!) basic ‘protection’ and ‘boundaries’…
• Only requires ‘the script’ and
• 3 Hula Hoops to make it happen and
• Is VERY Good for protection against
• Bullying and
• Depression!
• And enhancing ‘self esteem’.

Thank You for visiting my Cyber Home! Good luck!!

Best Wishes! Best love!!


Tim 181 xxx

Updated 18.1.2014.