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Where No Cats Dwell There In

For Betty Westwood

“I love cats. Just can’t eat a whole one”. John Wamsley.

A strange, daytime knocking…
At the windows of my home,
Like someone ‘tapping’
At the door of my heart,
When my life
Was suddenly empty,
Sad, and left alone!

‘Suspicious’ tiny ‘shats’…
On the door
Of my ‘front loader’!
The only way – from outside in –
The old cat door,
That hasn’t graced a cat
For ten years or more,
And was never covered over!!

Outside – I began to hear
This chirpy little singing,
Such a happy, plucky tune…
Bringing joy and happiness,
In my ears it kept ringing!
Like shining such a warm
And beautiful light –
Into a darkened, saddened room!

Then one night – in my pantry,
I had an unsuspected guest!
A tiny, little wren,
So ‘fluffed up’ with importance,
Like – on top of my ‘preserves’,
Was its very own,
And special little ‘nest’ –

As if to say
“Just what are you doing here!
In this cat free zone,
This house, not your garden…
Is now my real home!! 2/2

Through open door,
Next morning,
With broom –
I chased it out,
With ‘stern’ and ‘scalding’ words,
“You bad, bad,
And naughty little wren” –
Not letting on
The joy and happiness –
This little bird did bring,
Knocking on the window
Of my sad and lonely heart,
With one apparent aim,
To so happily love –
And so beautifully sing!

As time moves on,
Their numbers,
In my garden do improve,
These tiny little creatures
Have found a safe refuge…

All nesting safely,
In the garden of my heart,
They’ve tap, tap tapped
Their way in –
Through my window –
Now we’ll never be apart,
So joyously singing,
They make me happy,
Laugh and grin,

In a place
Of peace and safety,
Where no cats will ever –
Ever dwell, therein!!

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Tim Barritt. 3.7.10.
Earth Angel 181