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Obituary For My English Teacher

Obituary for My English Teacher

Werner Friedrich “Wolf” Hebart

Born in the manse
Behind Langmeil church,

Married in the church,

Buried, a stone’s throw
From the front church door,

My first classroom encounter,
Was a mix of awe and fright,
But with humor, skill and passion
He knew just how to strike a match,
So each page of verse he taught –
Would magically come alight!

Such a rich and wonderful life,
Start and finish – in Tanunda town,
I stood by the grave in November heat
As they lowered his coffin down –
He touched so many people
Over classrooms full of years,
I said goodbye with a handkerchief,
And a heart full of falling tears.

“For the many lessons you have given –
Mostly all well learned,
For being a lifelong mentor,
Where my poetry is concerned,

Your stories, your fire, your passion,
The things you taught and said,
They will always travel inside me,
In my words, my heart – and my tread.”

Tim Barritt. 3.5.08.
Earth Angel 181

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Tim Barritt.  3.5.08.
Earth Angel 181