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The Outlaw of Our Sea

For Anthony, on turning 50.

Didn’t want to live life
Just on weekends,
Left behind
A uni degree,

Swapped it
For a life of freedom –
Of wind, of waves,
And sea.

Red headed Yanchep man –
So clever with his mind and hands,
Living on the outlaw fringe,
With a wife and 4 children,
His ocean and his sands.
For money – it is just barter,
With fish, and with crays,
As your years move on from 50 –
More time to teach
Your children,
More outlaw ocean ways.

While our lives can be
Pigeon hole prisons,
Yours, like the gull’s –
Is free,

But we all need a Lighthouse
To guide us,
Like this Outlaw
Of our sea!

Tim Barritt. 6.3.07.
Earth Angel 181

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