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The Entertainer

For Damien Dean Johns

I’ve seen you in action,
On stage, or being the life
Of the party,
You make it look so easy,
Making other people
Laugh and smile.

But your lined
And battered face
Tells me a different story,
The laughter
And the jokes can’t hide –
The sadness in your eyes.

I’ve seen you in action,
So keen to please,
Your restless
Roll up fingers,
Your never ending search,
For the next
Emotional hit.

In another lifetime,
Or some distant, far-off place
I know we could be very close,
Just for a little length
Of time.
I don’t know exactly why.

Perhaps it’s because
Having seen you in action,
In your battered face,
And gifted frame,

I can see so many
Bits and pieces –
Of myself.

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Tim Barritt. 9.12.97.
Earth Angel 181