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The Young Man with a Rainbow

For Kristian

Early morning
Tweedies Gully Road,
My sheep droving –
You in your car.

We smile, we greet
Shake hands warmly.

“And where ?
May I enquire ?
At this very early hour ?
Has this young man been ?”

Sleeping with that pretty girl!
Now off to work
With his father.

“But,” you said,
Pointing to our hills,
“Your office
Will always be,
So much better
Than mine!”

As you drove away
I called out…
“Never let the rainbow
That you carry,
Lose its beautiful colours!”

Then even the most dark
And dreary place,
In which you may choose to be,
Will be filled with as many riches –
As any office
That I can see.

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Tim Barritt. 29.8.05
Earth Angel 181