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Isaac Newton’s Two Laws of Hugs

Recently rediscovered from ancient manuscript.
(Hugger = hug giver, Huggee = hug taker)

Law 1. For the Hugger.
To prevent a crushing experience

“The force exerted,
By the Hugger,
Must be exactly
Equal and opposite –
To the force of the hug,
By the Huggee.”

Law 2. For the Huggee.
Rights of the Huggee

“Once the cover,
Of the need for a hug
Is blown –
The Huggee exerts
Just as much force
As is needed,
To keep them safely –
In their comfort zone.”

Post Script from the writer.

I know this old Bhugger,
Lives somewhere
Back in the hills,
He says
“Never hold yourself back
From a hug –

They’re very good
For heart related ills,
Reducing sadness,
Loneliness –
And preventing
Emotional spills!”

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Tim Barritt. 13.7.09.
Earth Angel 181