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Girl With the Million Dollar Smile

For Tess

They say
That massive,
Haiti ‘shaker’,
Shook the tilt,
Of our Planet,
Such Awesome Power –
And life taker!

Pretty young Tess –
She’s got a heart,
Just as big
As the earth,
A million dollar smile…
And that’s
Far, far less –
Than it’s really worth!

I said
“Tess – never,
Ever stop smiling,
And if you must –
Then keep grinning!

A world filled,
With such open
Hearts and smiles,
Is such a Potent,
Powerful life maker,
Much stronger than
Any Haiti ‘shaker’!
Always a giver
Never a taker,

And of course,
Keeps mother earth –
Slowly spinning!”

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Tim Barritt. 4.6.10.
Earth Angel 181