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Champagne Days Ahead

Enjoying the light and sparkle,
In a pretty woman’s hair – and dancing eyes,
Following the bubbly, tingly clouds
Scurrying across
Our beautiful Australian skies.

Watching the cresting waves,
Tippling and tumbling
Towards a sandy beach,
Rejoicing in an ocean sunset –
Of pastels, gold and peach.

Filled with intoxication,
By a star filled heavenly sight,
A magic travelling star show,
A champagne moment at night!

Sitting in a crowded café
The smells, the warmth and cheer,
As lovers, friends and family…
Enjoy being close and near.

Too late to enjoy life’s bubbly,
When I’m gone
And dead –
So I’ll look
For champagne moments,

And fill my days with a lifetime…
Of champagne days ahead.

Listen to With heaven at His Back Door

Tim Barritt. 23.6.09.

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