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Wake up check list

Wake up’ – check list …

Am I still breathing?

Yes. It’s a great day!

Am I terminally ill?

No. Your day’s just got a whole lot better!

Is anyone around me about to leave – or terminally ill?

No. Just fantastic! Even better still!

Is the weather going to be cold, wet or windy?

Yes. Maybe with a beautiful crisp – lovely winter’s chill!

Author’s Note…

I never try
To make poems ‘preachy’,
People don’t like
Their poets being ‘teachy!

A melanoma, a life
Six decades old,
You never know –
Just how it will unfold!
A long term Love –
Who decided to depart,

I woke one morning

Knowing the things –
Very precious…
To my heart.

Listen to With heaven at His Back Door

Tim Barritt. 6.7.10.

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